Environmental protection

"Nikopol steel pipe" YUTiST" Ltd. purposefully works to minimize harmful effects on a natural environment. Compliance with environmental security and natural resource management in the enterprise are considered as a prerequisite for the effective conduct of its’ business.

Enterprise work in this area is a part of the current environmental legislation of Ukraine.

There are present all the environmental permits, issued by Ukrainian Ministry of Nature.

Defined and identified are all the potential environmental aspects of the activities, carried out is their assessment, planned and constantly implemented are the measures to eliminate or reduce the negative impacts on the environment. The company regularly carries out environmental transfer payments.

Systematic monitoring of the ecological state of the company as well as within the sanitary protection zone is carried out by a laboratory certified for this purpose.

Analytical graphs monitoring of the air quality and other physical and chemical factors in the workplace are developed and performed, enterprise territory on the border of the sanitary protection zone, work dust and gas cleaning plants.

Help desk environment have the appropriate education and experience.

Environment Monitoring System allows to continually improve the efficiency of work in this area through operational monitoring and evaluation of impact of the production, preventing the possible effects on the health of workers and nature.

In the production there operate 46 gas treatment installations. There are regularly scheduled and performed preventive maintenance of dust and gas cleaning systems that filter emissions. Emissions are now significantly below the maximum permissible limits set by state environmental authorities, as evidenced by conducted laboratory monitoring of air quality at the site of «Nikopol Steel Pipe "YUTiST" Ltd. and on the border of the sanitary protection zone.

The enterprise has a system of collection and disposal of industrial and domestic waste. All workshops are equipped with a site for temporary storage of waste. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Waste" The company has developed a passport to all kinds of waste.

Company policy regarding waste management is aimed at minimizing their appearance, providing recycling and disposal of accumulated waste and those that are formed, and their safe disposal and storage. His work in the field of waste management company regulated by contractual arrangements with companies and organizations that have the appropriate licenses and pay their accommodation and industrial waste.

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