Management principles

NSPP YUTiST Ltd. aims at gaining the status of one of the leaders in the Ukrainian seamless steel tube market. This is reflected in all aspects of the company management, which is based upon the following principles:

The factory is fully concentrated in the core area of activity that is production of quality pipes and tubes. This increases the efficiency of the enterprise and increases its investment attractiveness.

Based on the standards of quality management, the company maintains a stable level of product quality, continually improving the effectiveness of the work, relying on a professional and responsible approach to each of our employees.

A combination of traditions and modern technologies.
In our work we combine the best traditions of professionalism in production, enriching them with the latest knowledge and technologies.

Aiming at the result.
We are making constant improvements in our work at all levels and in all areas: quality of management, productivity, production quality, cost control, working conditions, the efficiency of business processes, the protection of the environment. We always work being focused on obtaining the best result possible.

The financial culture.
In all our activities, the company offers a convenient way for the customer’s financial relationships allowing to efficiently manage the funds and provide full financial transparency. We respect our customers, partners and employees

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