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The company's success depends not only on the quantity of top quality products, but also on the level of social responsibility to employees, their families, veterans of the plant, the youth, as well as to our customers, products and business partners.

Compliance with the laws of Ukraine, human rights – that is one of the main principles of our company.

The main directions of social policy of "NSPP" YUTIST " Ltd.:

- Provision of social security provided by the state.

The company guarantees the "official" salary, formalization, providing a full "social" package (the supply of all types of leave, sick leave and other benefits in accordance with the law).

The company has developed and operates "work rules" by which all employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

The company guarantees decent wages and work conditions for all workers.

In the “Regulation on payments” great attention is paid to creating conditions under which the employee clearly understands the relationship between their own efforts, the results of labor and the amount of remuneration for work performed.

- Development of the company's employees.

Employee Development – equals the development of the enterprise, which is expressed in helping staff to improve the professional level (training, further training and retraining of employees).

The plant values all the staff, we have created an environment in which every employee can express themselves: professionalism, creativity in work, rational suggestions to improve the quality of the products will not be left without attention. Young workers in the company will have the opportunity for professional development, career development, acquisition of new knowledge and skills through constant and continuous training system. The training system is twofold: internal and external. Referring internal education - the program for adaptation and implementation in the labor collective of new staff, training of the specifics of the company.

The external training includes hiring of different providers that provide services for personal and professional development: training, seminars, conferences. Also of great importance for professional development is to visit a variety of specialized trade shows where it is possible to exchange experiences and to learn from the leading technology in the pipe industry.

Welcome in the enterprise are optimization and turnover of staff, which allow changing conditions quickly and flexibly reallocate labor resources, and also provide an opportunity to employees to express themselves in new directions.

We do our best to provide opportunities for professional growth and career development of each aspirant to that employee.

- Health promotion, promoting the health care and performance. Rehabilitation and recreation.

In solving these problems the company's management is actively assisted by trade union. With their involvement and equity security administration of NSPP "YUTiST" Ltd at the factory there is a number of socially oriented programs.

Among them:

- "The life and health of the worker - the main priority of the enterprise policy in the area of labor." The company has developed and implemented a set of measures for health and environmental safety, including long-term and targeted programs to improve working conditions and safety (providing clothing, special food products, PPE, assessment of working conditions at workplaces), and preventive measures for the prevention of occupational diseases (medical examinations and a spa treatment).

- "Children - Our Future". The objective of this program is health care of the younger generation and the continuation of traditional continuity of generations. The program provides healthy children of the employees of the plant in children's camps, holding Christmas party, performances, participation in activities of educational institutions for career guidance that promote the profession of mining and smelting complex.

Children of employees, who are trained in educational institutions, are provided with the primary opportunity in practical training and the provision of the first job in the presence of vacancies.

- "Sport and Recreation". This program is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical education and sports among the employees. At the plant there is a sports team, which actively participates in sports at the city level, in the Games among enterprises in the city of Nikopol Pipe for 14 sports and regularly wins prizes.

 - "Vacation and Leisure." The company's employees have the opportunity to purchase at a discount the vouchers for improvement, regular activities of the professional holiday - Day of Metallurgist and other holidays are organized collective weekend trip for joint recreation.

- "Caring for veterans and pensioners." The plant is active and retired Veterans Council, which allocates the appropriate supplies. Victory Day and the Day of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan held collective congratulations and honor veterans.

- To provide moral and material assistance in the event of difficult situations.

"Nikopol steel pipe" Ltd. - a company that tends to lead a stable and successful business in the production of pipes, while boosting its social responsibility, which affects all aspects of the activity of technology management pipes, capacity utilization, creation of new jobs to recreation , the specific financial aid and sponsorship.

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